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PLAYER Nishida
JOINED 20th october 2022
LEVEL grey

MESSAGE 27/11/22: been taking it easy with the game lately! there are miscellaneous optimisations i want to make to this site, and i need to sort out my keep section as it also includes miscellaneous card i'm holding onto for riku's favors etc lol. probably more decks to add to future too...


community links

trading terms

hello! to trade with me, please leave a comment on my DW tradepost here! (^u^)

Collecting, keeping, future decks: not for trade!
Trading: will trade these for anything! (dupes, randoms, etc)

feel free to just link me your trade pile when requesting cards!

specials = normal cards, will trade 1:1

I will always be happy to get cards from Bleach, even if they're not listed on this site or are dupes!

update log

10/11/22: now with card sorters! you can paste your entire trading pile into the first one, and your entire needed list into the second one! (thanks to koinuko for the base script!)

7/11/22: welcome to my new tcg site! i've been fiddling with it over the last week and there's a lot more i still need to add (e.g. tradepile filter, search for future collecting page) but it's presentable enough for now!

Cards for pending trades/processing (not available for trade)